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About EduClasses and FMC Food Managers Certification

Educlasses LogoEduClasses®, EduClasses.org has one driving mission: to provide you with an elegant, affordable online certification examination program that satisfy state requirements in the covered subjects. All EduClasses® online programs, including FMC® Food Managers Certification, feature a unique Certified Food Protection Manager system which allows you to easily sign up, schedule and take your exam, and receive your ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ANAB-CFP Accredited Food Managers Certification certificate.

We've made signing up easy! Answer a few simple questions, create your username and password, and pay the minimal fee (we accept most major credit cards). You're good to go.

Our online proctored examination allows you to demonstrate your knowledge regarding the fundamentals of food safety, bare-hand contact of ready-to-eat foods, how foodborne illness is caused, and measures you can take to prevent it. Once you successfully complete the proctored Food Manager examination, you will receive a Food Managers Certification certificate to print and give to your employer.

Keeping up with your certificate is simple, too. Our system keeps a copy on file, so if you ever need a duplicate, just login to your account and print a copy. If you aren't sure which of our websites you registered through, just login into FoodManagersCertification.com and we'll automatically direct you to the correct one.

EduClasses® provides state-specific certificate services for workers in a variety of industries. Drawing on nearly two decades of hands-on experience providing online solutions for businesses, educational organizations and governmental agencies, including website design and integration, EduClasses® utilizes a custom suite of WebItems® Software, developed by DSBWorldWide, Inc., to continually upgrade our users’ experience with richer features and applications.

Please notify your employer and friends about Food Managers Certification so they can take advantage of this simple-to-use online proctored food managers certification program, too!

Note: You must contact your local health department concerning any registration or transfer fees.

Accepted throughout the United States & Territories

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Mission & Purpose


Our mission is to provide a state of the art secure online Certified Food Protection exam experience for individuals seeking a Certified Food Protection certification.


Our goal with FMC®, Food Managers Certification, is to provide a convenient online Certified Food Protection exam at a minimal cost. FMC will allow for easy enrollment and exam scheduling, and receive Certified Food Protection certification upon successful completion of the proctored exam.

Upon passing the proctored Certified Food Protection exam, it will show the food manager has demonstrated the required minimum competencies necessary to become a Certified Food Manager.